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Wednesday, Dec. 03, 2014 | 13:16

Swans - Swans Are Dead

my introduction to Swans came through alternative press. it came in the form of a review of Soundtracks For The Blind. whatever ap said, it rang a bell with me and i ordered the album from some online store (i patronized several at the time, always looking for the lowest price with shipping). i was not disappointed.

not long after i bought Swans Are Dead, finding more fascinating sounds and a version of their live show i was sad to miss. it was clearly a harrowing show, primal yet somehow still cerebral. the album didn't hit quite as hard as Soundtracks For The Blind (which isn't to say it wasn't powerful), but it was as close as i'd get to experiencing the band in person. i needed it.

what's interesting to note, 17 years later, is how much more impressed i am now. having seen the resurrected version of the band i understand how powerful it can be. i can extrapolate these recordings into the audience experience.

which isn't to say i don't wish i'd known them earlier and gone to see them live. the current version is a different band, and i'm sad not to have experienced the jarboe years. her voice is wild, and i'd love to have seen how it came out of her.

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