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Friday, Nov. 14, 2014 | 08:29

Seal - Seal

i remember riding in the car with my dad and playing Seal's debut album. i can't remember who was driving, but it was probably him. i don't know how i persuaded him to let me play my music. i do know it was on tape, so maybe it was my car and my tape in the deck. i don't recall whether he voiced any opinion on the music, though he may have asked what it was.

i always thought the album was short. i think that's because the second side of the tape was much shorter than the first, or at least had more songs on it. i can't remember where the break was, but my guess is it came after whirlpool. that would be 5 songs on side one and four on two. really, at 53 minutes, the album shouldn't have felt short--it was longer than most of the other tapes i had, and engaging all the way through.

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