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Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014 | 08:35

Schema - Schema

one of the saddest cds i have isn't sad simply because of the music, though the music isn't exactly uplifting, but because of what happened to the band afterwards. i really enjoy the work of Hovercraft, an experimental instrumental rock group out of the seattle area with Eddie Vedder's first wife on bass (and sometimes live with Vedder himself on drums). in 1999 they recorded five songs with Mary Hansen of Stereolab. her voice fits wonderfully with their abstracted space rock. they could have been a great indie rock group if she hadn't died in a bicycle accident. Hovercraft wouldn't record again either, and instrumental rock lost an interesting voice.

that brief release, a 36-minute ep, takes me to places few releases do. it's meditative, at times dreamlike, and at other times noisy. almost worshipful. how do i follow something like that?

today i follow it with Sky Cries Mary's peak: Moonbathing on Sleeping Leaves. i had other albums of theirs but none gripped me as this does, and none got me as close to holiness as i feel with this. were i to have a religion, were i to worship something, this would be the cornerstone of that belief. (yes, that sounds strange, but it comes close, maybe not literally but emotionally, to expressing many of my personal beliefs.) music is my temple.

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